Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love and Absence

"How do I fill the void of your absence, do you realize?" The warm words mixed with smoke flew out of her lazy lips. Her gaze fixed at the zig zag curve resting at top of the hill that separated the blue sky from the green hill. The old philosopher turned his glance at her and then at the rings of smoke coming out of her mouth. After a long time he had come from jungles to meet her.
She rocked the cigarette and looked at the butts lying around. There was no sound except the occasional chirping of cuckoos and feeble sound of rushing fountain. Understanding her without judging, he was an opportunity to unburden which she longed to love, yet could never got hold of him. The more she grasped him, the more he slipped out of her hands. He was among a few people, actually a very few people, who touched her soul and departed with a kiss on her cheeks.
"Oldie," she called him "did you ever wait for something?" Her gaze beholding his long grey beard and disheveled curly hair which time to time danced upon his wrinkled face.
He nodded.
"God's heaven, Oldie. It's a moment. You too wait for something, Oldie." Her fit of laughter, mixed with hatred and anger, echoed back from mountains. "Well, what is that thing?"
"The moment of forgiveness." He said and looked at her eyes. Red eyes met each other. Eyes red with insurmountable amount of anger and then suddenly an irresistible longing looked at the eyes red and welled with tears of remorse.
He passed his fingers through her dark shining hair and waited for her to calm. At once her anger shattered to pieces and she drew him closer.
He felt smoke coming out of her lips against his nose. He opened his arms and embraced her. With every moment of strong presence, the embrace tightened and tightened as if to crush her with his love.
"I am the Gunpowder, Oldie. Burn me. Love me. I have taught you to love, Oldie.." she whispered "Love me madly. Love me always. "

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