Monday, February 23, 2015

Whispers of love

I miss you,
when woven with fierce flames of love,
my memory turns alive,
to get lost soon in thoughts
like always, not to survive.

I miss you,
on a child's smile for no cause.
Like jasmine in your bright hair
born to die soon,
you come and disappear.

I miss you
like a cobra in sunny desert,
mad with the God and human,
and sure of finding solace
in shade of her lady’s bosom.

I miss you,
when darkness creeps into the room,
and speaks the language of your charms.
It waters the seed of the dream,
where I sleep naked in your arms.

I promise.
I promise to grasp you,
with all my might.
And wash away all my fears,
of you drifting from sight.
My heart will sing a hymn
on the union of eternal love.
For I know that passionate hearts
have often pulled Gods to earth.
Lord! I don’t seek you,
It’s she who is enough.

Oh, yes! I wouldn’t let you depart
this one more time.
This time, the fragrance would stay,
and my fate would not betray.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

उठ कर

चलो झूठ को सच, 
और सच को वहम मान लेते हैं। 
एक दिवास्वप्न में रह
यथार्थ को झुठला,
भ्रम मान लेते हैं। 
रिश्तें जो हैं,
उनको छदम् मान लेते हैं।
आशाओं की शाख से गिरे
हौंसलों की हार को
जीत की ओर एक कदम मान लेते हैं।
चलो झूठ को सच,
और सच को वहम मान लेते हैं।

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Food for thought

Why being poor in not someone’s fault?

Why stereotyping impedes real learning?

Why power corrupts?

Why Government staffs and officers have turned inefficient? Is it the sense of job security, the work culture or something else?

How to inculcate a long-lasting sense of morality in modern day children?