Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Swami Nigamanand and Guide

Almost 7 months after Swami Nigamanand's death, Raju Guide (DevAnand) passed away (on 4th Dec 2011) . A thread of similarity binds Character Raju and Swami Nigamanand. They both devoted their lives for the public cause with a belief on fasting unto death. But to the irony, whereas the God relented before Raju's death, it took 7 months to the government to relent and stop illegal quarrying in Ganges. Thanks to Swami Shivanand who continued the fight and sanctified Nigamanand's sacrifice. Wherever the soul of Nigamanand may be, it may rest in eternal peace. Sacrifices are never worthless. Something bigger than life propels Man to move beyond life. The "Cause" becomes greater than the "Self", eliminating differences between.

Let us watch 'Guide' again. Rest in peace "Swami ji". Rest in Peace "DevSaab."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

मेरे मन में दृढ विश्वास है,
कि देश में फिर से उबाल आएगा,
जन - जन के ह्रदय में ये विचार आएगा,
कि आज़ादी हमारे शहीदों के रंग से रंगी है,
और देश कि माटी हमारे खून से महंगी है,
अपने कर्तव्य का तब हमें एहसास आएगा
देखना ! इस देश में फिर से उबाल आएगा

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


He was 28 and left us. Son of my mother's sister.

It is really hard to believe he is not around the countryside I often visited while I was a kid. He left all of us saddened and gave no signs of coming back. It is only being philosophical that compensates now for the pain of not seeing him again. Contemplation gives me a temporary moment of wisdom.

I read in my childhood There are some partings from where no body returns. Truly written.
This year has been the year of witnessing departures.
So many departures.
Departures breaking brain and heart.

Indeed, life gives its signatures of unfairness.