Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Love and charm

Lover to Philosopher
Charms fade,
With tides of time.
The gleam of beautiful eyes
No longer send shivers of love
Down the spine.
Charms fade,
With tides of time.
Hugs aren't that warm,
My heart indifferent to kisses.
Spell of smell has withered.
Her grey hair no longer hisses.
Old Philosopher!
O wise old Philosopher,
what will happen to my love then?
Guide me, 

for my love has gone.
Philosopher replies
O my dear young lover!
Like beauty and wisdom,
Charm is an illusion.
Love is a verb too,
and not just a noun.
Delight of love is perennial,
for love permeates the eternal time and space.
Be careful because,
rare precious moments will,
make or break love.
Hold on hard!
Hold on to them, 
Kiss longer, 
till hearts get wet. 
Tighten the embrace, 
till few ribs break. 
Clutch the hair 
till tears well the eyes.
Love awakens
when heart pains.
Remember lovely first rains, 
Nights spent under candle-lights,
The gloomy evenings the happy nights.